UPDATED 3 Minute Girlfriend

On March 18, 2007, I offered to be anyone's girlfriend for 3 minutes.
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What are you subject to?
Reality TV

Citizenship for Saudi Women

They may be allowed to vote (in 2015), but women in Saudi Arabia are still denied a host of rights that would improve the lives of men, women and children in their country. This video was commissioned by a group of Saudi Women's activists, including my friend Raan Jarbou, during the early days of the Arab Spring in 2011. Animation by me, music and audio by Alia O'Brien, voices by women of Saudi Arabia.
Stand Up.

Is There Any Hope For Us?

Or anyone?
Cross your fingers.

Tell Me What To Do

I really need to know.
You have the answer.

One Month Relationship

Exactly What It Sounds Like.
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Includes updates on project results.

Are You Afraid?

I was, a little, and asked anyone who would listen if they were, too.
reassuring responses

The Zeesy Powers Grant

I decided to give away $1000 to someone who actually deserves it.
Call for submissions
The winners
The Awards Ceremony

I Will Tell You Exactly What I Think Of You For $5

That's all there is to it. Online or in person (where available).
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I am still painting portraits, please contact me for details.